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Benefits of OdourPro well washers

OdourPro's well washers are permanently mounted, automatically functioning washing devices that only require water or treated effluent to keep well walls free of fat deposits.

Well washers are vital to the efficient performance of site infrastructure, saving you cleaning time and minimising hazards and costs. No harsh chemicals are required as immediate cleaning removes all fat build-up as it is produced.


  • Improve WHS procedures
  • Reduce noticeable odours
  • Lower level of equipment corrosion
  • Eradicate time-consuming manual cleaning
  • Lessen maintenance costs and callouts
  • Reduce number of confined space entries
  • Eliminate excess water usage during manual cleaning
  • No power is required to run our washers

At OdourPro, we believe in proactive treatment of odour at the cause, to properly address problem areas of wastewater systems so that you get fewer complaints, reduced odour levels and greater savings on maintenance all while ensuring better WHS standards for your site workers.

Why choose OdourPro?

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Complimentary services for OdourPro's well washers


At OdourPro, we provide a full installation service for our well washers and other odour control products, so that there are no barriers to quick and easy operation of the equipment, meaning a faster reduction of odours.

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Monitoring and telemetry

Our monitoring and telemetry services allow instant notification of any performance issues in your wastewater system for prompt management. Advanced telemetry technology facilitates remote access to vital logged operating data from one or more locations.

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OdourPro's consulting service is an in-depth investigation into the real cause of your odour problem. We then draw on our extensive experience in the industry to recommend the best course of action for your site.

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