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Manhole Lid-Lifters

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Benefits of OdourPro manhole lid-lifters

  • Remove covers of any size, weight or shape
  • Reduce strain/fatigue
  • Reduce injuries and accidents
  • Safely used with no specialist training
  • Versatile
  • Effective
  • Robust
  • Light and compact – easily transportable
  • No need for hooks or screws on cast iron lids

How they work

The manhole lid-lifter range can manage any type of access cover – whether via simple magnetic connection or conventional lifting lug. Each unit works on the same principle – they use smart leverage to make lifting even the heaviest of covers effortless.

The units' magnetic connections attach to cast iron lids. Or for non-ferrous lids (like concrete covers), a range of lifting lugs is available. Thanks to ingenious lever systems, even the heaviest cover can be removed using the correct lifting position (using legs, not back). We even have a variety of leverage tools to further minimise the required lifting force.

And in cases where incrustations block cover frames, we have further tooling available. Again, they're designed so you can carry out the work in a comfortable standing position.

Benefits to clients

With no specialist training or certifications required, OdourPro's manhole and sewer lid-lifters are easy to use. In fact, they make cover removal almost effortless – reducing injuries from strain and accidents.

Because little force and time is required to operate our manhole lid-lifters, the chances of a dropped cover causing injury are also drastically reduced.

Product Models

  • CL10 Magnetic Cover Lifter
  • CL11 Magnetic Cover Lifter with "Banana" Base
  • PM500 Permanent Magnet for Lifting Covers (to be used with APS90 and APS80)
  • APS90 Folding Lever for Cover Lifters
  • APS80 Folding Lever for Cover Lifters
  • LB5 Magnetic Cover Lifter for Light Weight Covers
  • MZ120 Sliding Hammer (for breaking incrustations on manhole frames)
  • LB2 Cover Lifter Lever
  • LB4 Cover Lifter Lever "Nail" Type
  • LB7 Cover Lifter Lever
  • LB8 Manual Cover Lifter
  • LK70 Lifting Kart for Very Heavy Manhole Covers
  • AC90 Anti Fall Safety Device for Open Manhole Covers

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