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Access Covers

Common access cover problems and OdourPro solutions

Trip hazards

problem trip hazard
  • Raised hinges
  • Cover above concrete level
  • Raised handles
  • Raised locks
problem trip hazard solution
  • Flush mounted lock box
  • T-316 heavy duty flush hinges
  • Flush mounted pull up handle
  • 100% flush mounted access cover



Fall from height


Heavy weight of lid


Learn how our access covers improve safety and odour control

Safe access covers are important for worker and public safety as well as for controlling odours. Learn about the benefits of modern, high-quality access covers.

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Benefits of access covers

Our access lids are not only the safest at the most competitive prices but they are also fully customisable to ensure a perfect seal to fit existing or new facilities.

Invest in your worker safety with our relatively light-weight yet strong products. All safety lids are made from marine grade aluminium and stainless steel.


  • Assured investment with product guarantee
  • Fits existing facilities perfectly
  • Effective prevention of water and odour leakage
  • Better worker safety
  • Lightweight equipment to prevent injury
  • Sturdy and robust can sustain Class A loads
  • Short supply times for faster implementation
  • Non-slip coating for greater safety
access lids benefits

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