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Odour Systems Refurbishment

Outcome of services provided

  • Make sure your odour control systems are working at their full potential
  • Get professional advice qualified by over 25 years in the industry
  • Improve your systems to meet WHS regulations
  • Amend effects of corrosion, chemical leaks and surface staining
  • Update your system to take advantage of new odour control technologies
  • Reduce resident complaints through improving odour control efficiency
  • Receive a detailed report on all work done and resulting improvements
  • Keep your facility well maintained and monitored to avoid system breakdowns

Our complete approach to odour management

Step 1

Solution Concept

Our experts will assess your site and develop an odour-reducing solution.

Step 2

Design & Engineering

We draw up your system ready to be custom-built.

Step 3


We'll assemble your custom system at your designated site.

Step 4


Our experts thoroughly test all systems to ensure they are ready for operation.

Step 5


We continually monitor and log system operations to ensure odour emissions remain at required levels.

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