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Odour Management Services

Optimise your odour control systems with OdourPro's expert services

OdourPro offers the most comprehensive odour management services and products in Australia. Our odour management services tackle odour production at its biochemical cause.

We not only recommend and install products for your network, but we also optimise your odour control system's efficiency with ongoing support.


  • Chemical supply and delivery
  • Monitoring and telemetry
  • Odour management consulting
  • Odour systems installation
  • Refurbishment and maintenance

Chemical Supply and Delivery

Never be caught short of chemicals again with our odour management services. We can safely and conveniently supply chemicals to your site at a cost-effective price.

Service offering

  • WHS best practices
  • Environmental compliance
  • Suitable for any sized dosing unit
  • 6,000L–12,500L capacity vehicles
  • Chemical supply and delivery expertise
  • Let us handle all the time-consuming logistics
  • Hassle-free chemical delivery

Monitoring and Telemetry

Take a proactive approach to potential problems with our odour management services. We offer monitoring and telemetry to facilitate constant data logging and analysis.

Service offering

  • View important operational functions
  • Enjoy remote access and monitoring
  • Generate reports and evaluations of logged data
  • Receive accurate test results of system conditions
  • Take advantage of real-time odour management
  • Monitor common sewer odorants including sulphides
  • Make informed odour control product decisions based on data
  • Build up a history data profile to pinpoint system hot spots


OdourPro can design, construct and install a range of odour control systems, from chemical dosing units to odour neutralising, vapour, and filtration systems.

Service offering

  • Magnesium hydroxide dosing units
  • Calcium nitrate dosing units
  • Ferrous (ferric) chloride dosing units
  • Odour neutralising misting systems
  • Vapour systems
  • Carbon and biofiltration systems


Turn to OdourPro for professional advice on odour management. We have over 25 years of experience in odour control, tackling problems at their biochemical cause.

Service offering

  • Holistic network or single-site specific analysis
  • Pipeline and pump station layout review
  • Assessment of flow rates and retention time
  • Survey of significant waste discharge
  • Odour complaint history review
  • System improvements to reduce odour
  • Evaluation of odour impact on residents
  • Detailed written reports on findings


Has your odour control unit seen better days? Let us refurbish your system to improve odour control efficiency and reduce resident complaints.

Service offering

  • Making a thorough inspection of your site and collecting data
  • Planning proposed changes taking into account commercial stakeholder needs
  • Offering an individual component replacement or full strip down and upgrade
  • Replacing filter media in carbon and biofilters where necessary
  • Monitoring systems to ensure smooth operational performance
  • Reporting for increased accountability on refurbishment work complete


Our odour management services include the option for regular maintenance checks that are vital for the uninterrupted, reliable functioning of your odour control systems.

Service offering

  • Detailed inspection of single unit or whole network
  • Diagnosis of problem via a host of operational checks
  • In-depth reporting on problems and suggested solutions
  • Prevention of serious breakdowns through regular maintenance
  • Individually customised servicing to fit client requirements