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Benefits of OdourPro VapourGard® vapour systems

  • Eliminate odour complaints
  • Decreased risk of WHS issues and costs
  • Quiet, dry and invisible
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Equally effective indoors and outdoors
  • No water supply required
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Low chemical usage
  • Safe for inhalation and contact with skin

How it works

The VapourGard® targets the source of odours and destroys them at a molecular level.

OdourPro's QuikAir® 0900V system releases reactants into the air - active ingredients target the chemical cause of odours. Contact time between vapour and odour molecules is far greater than traditional spray systems - meaning more effective odour treatment.

Benefits to clients 

OdourPro's vapour systems are the lowest maintenance odour control products on the market. There are no nozzles to become blocked, and no portable water supply is needed. The active ingredients get to the very cause of odours, eliminating the particles completely. Our vapour systems are suited to large indoor and outdoor applications, especially effective on site boundaries, aiding compliance with WHS and environmental regulations and eradicating odour complaints.

The versatile design also helps you manage any site demands.

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Complimentary services


At OdourPro, we provide a full installation service for our odour control products, to ensure quick and easy operation, for a faster reduction of odours.

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Maintenance and Refurbishment

At OdourPro, we believe in providing ongoing support to our clients in the form of regular maintenance visits. We can also refurbish and test existing systems.

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