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Odour Misting Systems

Learn about vapour and misting systems for odour neutralising

Vapour systems and misting systems are different ways of neutralising odours. Find out how they work and which one is right for your location.

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Benefits of OdourPro's misting systems

  • Elimnate adour complaints
  • Meet EPA regulations - avoid penalties
  • Automatic operation saves labour
  • Low running and maintenance cost
  • Quick installation
  • Long operating life

How it works

Our misting systems use a reactant made from essential oils and surfactants (a substance designed to allow molecular binding by lowering the surface tension of water). Airborne droplets attract and neutralise the odour particles, through an active chemical process.

Benefits to clients 

OdourPro's misting systems help you comply with environmental regulations - avoiding fined, shut downs and complaints. The systems can be automated, with minimal input from an operator - keeping running costs low. Maintenance time and cost is also curtailed, with our products made to be highly corrosion resistant. The active substances used in our systems are all made from natural organic compounds, making them environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and safe for human exposure.

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Complimentary services

Chemical Supply and Delivery

We provide chemical and nutrient supply and delivery for our misting systems. We're your one point of contact for all your odour-neutralising needs - so you'll never run out of active ingredients.

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Monitoring and Telemetry

Monitoring odour control system performance is necessary for fine tuning the settings and maintaining optimal dosing levels. Telemetry allows easy access to collected data.

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Maintenance and Refurbishment

At OdourPro, we believe in providing ongoing support to our clients in the form of regular preventative maintenance visits. We can also refurbish and test existing systems.

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