Reduce odours and maintenance costs with a well washer

OdourPro on 18 October 2017

Waste water pump stations can create maintenance and environmental headaches due to the build-up of fats and scum deposits. These deposits cause odour complaints and result in faulty instrument readings and thus maintenance call outs.

Well washers can lower the production of H2S, save time, reduce problems resulting in call outs, and have a strong financial benefit.

What is a well washer?

well washers

A well washer

A well washer is a spray system mounted near the top of the pump station well that uses mains water to spray down the walls of the well while the waste water 

is being pumped out. The unit operates on a digital timer and can be programmed to use as little as 100 litres of water per day.

Our well washers are made of high-grade stainless steel and monomer nylon material to resist the corrosive environment in which they operate.

They can also be configured to use treated effluent as a source for the spray to reduce the demand of clean water.

Well washers do not need much maintenance, but it is recommended that they are inspected every four to six weeks to clean blockages and adjust spray nozzles.

How does a well washer work and what are the benefits?

Without a well washer, some waste water pump stations experience regular problems:

  • The build-up in fats and scums of the surface creates the perfect environment for the formation of H2S, which leads to odour complaints due to the pungent smell.
  • These deposits also tend to harden against the well walls over time creating the need for periodic high-pressure cleaning with maintenance personnel entering the well to accomplish this task.
  • Fatty material can also interfere with the level instrumentation leading to false levels and incorrect operation of the pumps. This can cause damage to pumps and will result in maintenance call outs to repair the problem.

Vessel entry is a high-risk maintenance activity resulting in many fatalities in Australia each year. Any system which reduces the need for workers to enter a waste water pump station is a valuable contributor to the safety of workers.

The automated function of a well washer means that fat and scum deposits are constantly washed off the walls of the well and into the water below. Because the deposits are removed before they have time to harden, the interval between internal high-pressure cleaning events is extended.

Regular washing of the level instrumentation also keeps them clean and functioning correctly. This protects the pumps from burning out and reduces the number of maintenance call outs to investigate the problem.

The production of H2S is reduced as the organic waste is continuously washed into the waste water and pumped out by the pumps. With lower H2S production comes lower odour emissions and fewer complaints. Minimising the build-up of organic waste and a reduction in H2S also improves the corrosive nature of the environment in the well and prolongs the life of equipment.

Using well washers effectively

A case study at the Pine Rivers Pump Station 166 shows how the implementation of a well washer with the Morton Bay Regional Council solved a number of the problems outlined above.

using washer wells effectively

  • Graphs show how the production of H2S in the well station is substantially lowered while the well washer is online compared to offline readings.
  • A significant reduction in instrumentation problems was reported
  • A greater interval between cleaning cycles was reported

An economic analysis of the project showed that the capital investment in a well washer would be paid back in less than a year. This was calculated based on the reduction in maintenance costs due to call outs and high-pressure cleaning events. The economic benefit, coupled with the safety advantages of fewer vessel entries for workers, makes for an easy justification to install a well washer for any business.

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