What you need to know when choosing a vapour based odour neutraliser

OdourPro on 5 April 2017

What are odour neutralising vapour systems?

A vapour based odour neutraliser works by releasing deodorising vapour into the air. The active deodoriser applies to odour particles, destroying them at a molecular level. This makes for more effective odour neutralisation compared to fragrance and neutralising oil systems, which mask but don't destroy the odour.

How a vapour odour neutraliser suppresses odours

Odour neutralising vapour systems function by releasing a deodoriser which has been converted to vapour.

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The deodoriser vapour moves in the same direction and at the same speed as the odorous vapour. This means the deodoriser can stay in the air, with the odour, for a longer amount of time. Thereby giving it more opportunity to contact and destroy the odour.

Odour neutralising vapour systems should be placed near the source of the odours. They feature a piping system which will be applied around the perimeter of any area where deodorisation is required.

The pipe transports an air stream filled vaporised deodoriser, which is then released at odour 'hot spots'.

What is the odour neutraliser vapour comprised of?

The odour neutraliser vapour is made with a cationic surfactant, which is then blended with a set of amine groups and anionic surfactants, before being combined with amino complexes.

Many of these complexes are amino hydroxyl groups which will react on contact with organic acids, mercaptans, and other reduced sulphur compounds.

With mercaptans for example the sulphur/hydrogen (SH) bond is displaced through a series of ionic reactions and replaced with the sulphur/oxygen (SO) bond of an odourless sulphate.

The resulting product is not dissimilar to the shampoos and deodorants which people use every day. It simply performs in a vapour rather than a liquid state. It's environmentally and personally safe, while also effective for reducing energy and water usage.

Where are odour neutralising vapour systems used?

You'll find a vapour based odour neutraliser regularly at large scale broad odour generating sites. However, they can be used anywhere where odours are produced during the course of normal operation.

Common sites include: 2017 odour pro food processing supportive image

  • Landfill
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Meat and livestock facilities
  • Food processing plants

The above locations generally have large open odour generating areas that don't facilitate a capture and treat approach such as pulling foul air from a tank and running through a treatment process.

They require a broad acre type approach for which a vapour based odour neutraliser is perfectly suited.

How do vapour systems compare to other options?

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Vapour system deodorisers are released in lightweight particles that are similar in weight to that of odours.

No water is required and maintenance is minimal. The deodoriser is unobtrusive and the vaporisation system is relatively quiet, dry, and invisible. Additionally, there are no nozzles needed.

Also, unlike misting systems, vapour systems can be used in all weather conditions. This makes them significantly more effective and economical in certain climates.

What about construction?

Vapour systems are made up of a blower, solution storage tank, piping and electrical control box with electronic level gauge. As well as holed tubing which releases the vapour into the air. Sizes can be adjusted to treat outdoor areas as large as 500 linear metres or 3000 cubic metres for indoor facilities.

"Odour neutralising vapour systems work by releasing a deodoriser that has been converted to vapour."

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