Misting systems, vapour systems, and other odour neutralisers

OdourPro on 7 May 2019

Some odours can be controlled at the source by treating water systems or filtering air streams to remove odour molecules. But other odours cannot be isolated at the source in this way.

They may be generated on a large surface area like a landfill site or water treatment pond or they may be diffused into the air from a number of sources. Odours can be treated on large surface areas and in the atmosphere using odour neutralising solutions.

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Industries that benefit from odour neutralising 

Industries that benefit from odour neutralising

Australia’s hot climate creates perfect conditions for microbe activity and the generation of odours.

Understand how odours can quickly be eliminated through vapourising and misting systems from Tony Ryan, General Manager at OdourPro.

Misting Systems

odour misting systems

Misting systems disperse an essential oil into the air to react with odour molecules and neutralise them. Surfactants lower the surface tension of the mist allowing for easy bonding with odour compounds.

The system works by diluting the reactants with water and then atomising and misting the solution through plastic nozzles. Varying levels of complexity and automation are available:

  • Automatic dilution with potable water supply

  • 24-hour timers

  • Weather stations which activate or deactivate the system based on wind direction

Vapour Systems

odour vapour systems

Vapour systems use a vapour formulation of a ketone, an ester, a cineole with citric acid and 14 amino sucroates. This formulation targets odours and eliminated them from the atmosphere.

Vapour systems carry an advantage over misting systems in that they do not need water for dispersion. The vapour is released directly into the atmosphere. This also means that the vapour treatment stays airborne for longer and is more effective at bonding with odour compounds.

A similar range of automation systems is available for vapour systems as for misting systems. 

Surface treatments

odour surface treatments

There are two types of surface treatment to prevent odours:

  • One is a foam which is useful for large land or water surface areas

  • The other is a microbe treatment that modifies the microbe activity in odorous water

Both Biostreme™ 111F and Biostreme™ 201 consist of a natural mixture of amino acids plant extracts, minerals, purines, pyrimidines and essential oils.

Biostreme™ 111F

The “F” in represents the fact that this product is a foam. It is very effective as an odour treatment solution because it acts in more than one way. Firstly, it acts as a blanket, which smothers the surface and prevents odours from being released into the atmosphere. Secondly it acts as an odour neutraliser by releasing micronutrients into the ground surface which promote the breakdown of organic material without releasing odours. Lastly, Biostreme™ 111F releases a pleasant aroma into the atmosphere itself. 

Foam based surface treatments are used for landfill sites where microbe activity overnight can increase odours from a landfill significantly. But they can be used in numerous other applications too. Transporters of solid waste can use Biostreme™ 111F to blanket odours while travelling through residential areas. One innovative use is on the floor of a veterinary surgery. This product can also be used on liquid surfaces like lagoons.

Read more: See our spec sheet on Biostreme 111F

Biostreme™ 201

Biostreme™ 201 is a micronutrient treatment for liquid streams. The microbes promoted by this product are facultative bacteria, which decompose organic material without creating odorous compounds like H2S. Promoting facultative bacteria automatically reduces the growth and multiplication of other microbes. In other words, Biostreme™ 201promotes non-odour forming microbe activity above odour forming microbe activity.

Biostreme™ 201 is well suited to leachate lagoons and holding tanks. It can be added to wastewater channels upstream of these holding areas to give time for the microbes to begin functioning before they enter the storage areas.

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