Guidelines for odour control around Australia's capital

OdourPro on 26 March 2019

Australian Capital Territory odour guidelines

The Australia Capital Territory (ACT) is home to Canberra, the capital city of Australia. With a population approaching 400,000 people, it is an important centre of industry, commercial activity and tourism.

Canberra’s profile as a capital city delivers a high number of international visitors and students. This status demands excellent environmental performance from all industries and commercial activities in the city.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is the primary agency for enforcing compliance with environmental regulations.

OdourPro helps a wide variety of businesses comply with the ACT odour guidelines. If you'd like to more about odour management and compliance, get in touch with us on 1800 510 704.

Sources of odour in ACT 

water waste power plant

The economy of the ACT is built around the public service, education and tourism. All of these activities involve large numbers of people, catering, hospitality and also the processing of sewage.

  • Wastewater networks are notorious sources of odour complaints. As microorganisms feed on organic waste, they produce by-products like H2S, the compound famous for its rotten egg scent.

  • Rising mains, pump stations and wastewater treatment plants all have the potential to release odours into the surrounding community.

  • Canberra also has an active manufacturing and light industry sector. Construction activity is also ongoing with local light rail systems being a major infrastructure project of the region.

All of these activities have the potential to release chemicals and hydrocarbons into industrial wastewater and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Each odour source must be identified and controlled to prevent community complaints or penalties for non-compliance.

The role of the EPA

The EPA has a statutory position by virtue of its establishment under the Environmental Protection Act of 1997. Its role is to protect and enhance the quality of the environment. This includes monitoring functions, raising public awareness, performing investigations and enforcing of legislation.

In terms of activities that have the potential to harm the environment, the EPA has an authorisation role. Any activity that has an environmental risk associated with it requires authorisation from the EPA.

As part of this authorisation process, the EPA stipulates the conditions under which an industrial activity may be performed. These conditions are then monitored for compliance once the activity begins. 

OdourPro solutions for odour control

OdourPro supplies odour control solutions designed to eliminate odours at their source. Our technical experts have experience in a wide range of industries, advising on solutions that remain compliant with the EPA.


odourpro chemical dosing

Chemical dosing systems can benefit wastewater systems, which reduce odours by up to 95%.

  • These units add chemicals that prevent the formation of H2S.

  • This effectively eliminates the source of odour and improves relationships with neighbours.

  • OdourPro offers ferrous dosingmagnesium hydroxide dosing and calcium nitrate solutions.

Our experts can help identify the best solution and dosing point for your application.

Drain maintenance

odourpro well washer

Keeping access covers well sealed is another important way to reduce odours. This could also be a safety consideration. Non-compliant access covers can put health and safety at risk.

Well washers flush away grease and fat so that their accumulation does not result in odour complaints.


odourpro filters

Any industry that produces VOCs or chemical emissions could use carbon or biofilters to remove harmful compounds before releasing vapours to the atmosphere. 

  • Active carbon filters capture volatile compounds.

  • Biofilters use microorganisms to biologically treat toxic gases, removing harmful compounds from the system.

Other systems

Other odour control solutions from OdourPro include surface treatment for landfill sites and vapour or misting systems for treating the air at the boundary of a site.

The EPA also requires ongoing reliability of the odour control solutions. This involves routine servicing and maintenance to ensure they are operating as per design. OdourPro provides this technical service to ensure your equipment remains functional and your environmental performance remains compliant. 

Contact OdourPro for odour control in ACT

OdourPro has wide experience in ACT odour guidelines. We have the technical expertise and effective solutions for you to meet the EPA requirements and remain compliant during normal operations. Our track record of more than 25 years demonstrates our leadership in odour control in a national context.

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