OdourPro on 13 January 2017

ITAlifters make lifting manhole lids easier, simpler and safer.

What are ITAlifters?

ITAlifters are the all new manhole lid-lifters, now available for the first time in Australia.

With a simple yet powerful design, effective leverage mechanism and magnets, ITAlifters allow heavy grates and covers to be safely removed - by just one person, not two!

They're manhole lid-lifters that have been redesigned from the ground up to make lifting manhole lids easier, simpler, and safer.

These aren't your old manhole lid-lifters. They're all new, and believe us, they're game changers.

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What makes ITAlifters different?

Operators know the problems associated with opening manholes. Heavy lifting, muscle strains, manual handling injuries. For such a simple action, opening manholes sure can cause a lot of trouble.

ITAlifters alleviate all of these issues with:

  • Smart leveraging for easy lifting, no more strains
  • Lever systems that lift even the heaviest lids
  • Magnets which attach the lid-lift in an instant

All of these things combine to prevent the difficulty and risk associated with opening manhole lids.

Unlike a lot of older manhole lid-lifters, ITAlifters can be used with a wide variety of lids without the need for locking devices to grab the cover with screws, hooks and lifting eyes.

They're easier to transport too

Other benefits of ITAlifters include their smaller size, and ease of storage and transport. This is because their all new design has been built with versatility and portability in mind.

manhole lid lifters CL11 with banana base rc

LB5 magnetic cover lifter for lightweight covers.

ITAlifters feature:

  • A compact and collapsible construction
  • Light materials for less weight
  • None of the older 'bulky' components

This makes them more compact, lighter, and significantly easier to transport even in the smallest vehicles.

Whereas older and bulkier manhole lid-lifters could be a nightmare to transport, ITAlifters can simply slot in with other maintenance equipment for easy transport from job to job.

Injuries associated with manhole lids

Improperly performed, or performed using inadequate equipment, opening and closing manhole lids can cause a variety of workplace injuries.

These include muscle strains, back complications, manual handling injuries and more. Some of these can be very serious and can result in workplace injury claims.

Common applications for ITAlifters

ITAlifters can be applied wherever other manhole lid-lifters were formerly used to open manhole lids. They are suitable for use across Australia, including in both metropolitan and regional areas.

They can be used for opening:

  • Sewer lids
  • Manhole covers
  • Drain access grids
  • Covers of any size, weight or shape

In short, ITAlifters can be used by any maintenance worker or operator who is lifting covers or lids. They're suitable for all types of utility organisations and contractors who require manhole lid-lifters.

About ITAlifters

ITAlifters are the complete, versatile and easily transportable range of tools for lifting and moving manhole covers and pit lids. They're ideal for use by modern utilities maintenance crews.

Imported from Europe, ITAlifters come ready for use in even the toughest Australian conditions.

Key features include:

  • Lifting made easy - no more injuries!
  • Compact and simple to transport
  • Versatile for use on all lids
  • Magnets for easier connecting

ITAlifters can also handle blockages associated with rust and dirt. The range features a clever tool which is powerful enough to dislodge blocked or obstructed covers.

"ITAlifters have been redesigned from the ground up to make lifting manhole lids easier, simpler, and safer."

OdourPro are excited to offer ITAlifters in Australia

At OdourPro, we are very excited to offer ITAlifters, the latest in European engineering and design for manhole lid-lifters, now in Australia for the first time.

This is a great and innovative new series of products which has been engineered to take the manual out of manual handling. They provide an easier, simpler, and safer way of opening lids.

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