Micronutrients solutions are environmentally sustainable

OdourPro on 19 February 2018

Traditional methods of odour control for waste water streams involve the use of chemical dosing systems. But, new environmentally sustainable methods are becoming more widely accepted.

Odours are produced by the action of bacteria breaking down organic material in the wastewater stream. Sulphates are converted to sulphides, which ultimately lead to the release of H2S. H2S gas is harmful to humans, causes corrosion to pipes and equipment and has an offensive odour.

How do they work?

In an anaerobic environment, where there is no free oxygen, bacteria use dissolved oxygen or oxygen released from sulphates and nitrates. Different kinds of bacteria compete for these oxygen sources.

This is where micronutrient additives help. Micronutrient additives contain natural, non-toxic and biodegradable blend of:

  • Amino acids
  • Essential oils
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Purines
  • Pyrimidines
  • Complex organic extracts

These nurture the growth of desirable non-sulphur reducing bacteria and inhibit the growth of sulphur producing bacteria. In the environment where bacteria are competing for oxygen sources, micronutrients give the advantage to non-odour producing bacteria.

Micronutrients are most effective when they are completely mixed with wastewater. Influent flow source pipes are an ideal dosing point. They can also be topically applied to storage basins or lagoons and mixed by mechanical agitation. One to three days of retention time allows for the best micronutrient results.

Tests have shown that adding micronutrients to a controlled test environment of decomposing organic waste at 30 deg celcius led to a 75 to 80 per cent reduction in the generation of odorous gases.

Advantages of using micronutrients for odour control

Using micronutrients for odour control has a number of advantages over traditional chemical dosing solutions.

Cost effective

Depending on your use, chemical dosing can be more expensive than using micronutrients. The capital infrastructure for chemicals is higher and the energy requirements are also more demanding.

Faster process

Adding micronutrients to wastewater accelerates the activity of beneficial bacteria to break down organic waste. This speeds up the process of decomposition reducing load on the wastewater treatment plants downstream.


A significant benefit of micronutrient odour control solutions is their environmental sustainability. There is of course, the elimination of chemical discharge into the environment that happens with chemical dosing systems. But, even the wastewater effluent itself is of a higher quality than other odour control systems. Wastewater treated with micronutrients tends to show improved results when measured for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and also Turbidity.

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Where are micronutrients used?

Micronutrient solutions are most effective for highly odorous wastewater producers or wastewater that is harmful to receiving natural waterways.

Food and dairy

The dairy industry is a producer of wastewater that is susceptible to odour complaints. Cheese making processes produces effluent that has high suspended solid levels. Wastewater is also characterised by a high BOD. Dairy producers can benefit from micronutrient odour control solutions.

Abattoirs and tanneries

Odour is also a significant problem in abattoirs and tanneries. Waste products and wastewater contain chemicals used in the production processes at concentrated levels. Topical application of micronutrients significantly improves the processing of wastewater and a reduction in odours.

Industrial wastewater from many industries can benefit from the use of micronutrients.

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