OdourPro on 12 September 2016

Quality construction, correct operation and fitting of access covers are essential for worker safety as well as that of the general public. This is critical as there are key elements of a wastewater network, such as pump stations, which the general public are exposed to in local parks and public reserves.

Not only is it necessary for maintenance workers to gain safe access, but it is also vital to ensure that access covers do not become a WHS issue, especially at sites such as parks where young children are running around.

There are numerous ways in which access covers that do not comply with safety and quality standards can cause problems, however, at OdourPro, we have identified these issues and we provide a viable, high-quality solution.

Hazards commonly encountered in non-compliant access lids

  1. Trip Hazards - raised hinges, access covers above concrete level, raised handles and locks.
  2. Odour - missing gasket, gaps and holes in the access cover, cover frames sitting on top of converter without being cast in.
  3. Falls from Heights - non-compliant safety nets, handrails without deflective testing and missing a fall arrest systems.
  4. Access Lid Design Flaws - ill-fitting components.
  5. Manual Handling Issues - excessively heavy components.

hazards row2

Solutions to Common Access Lid Hazards

1. No parts above ground level to avoid tripping and injury – the compact and safety-driven design of our access lids ensure a non-hazardous surface for the public. Our access covers utilise flush mounting for the lock box, pull up handle, heavy duty hinges and cover itself; preventative details that make all the difference to safety at the site.

2. High quality, superior and complete design for consistent odour control – Other potential hazards of non compliant access lids include a missing gasket and gaps and holes in the access cover which allow offensive odours to escape into the surrounding environment, thereby rendering any odour control systems on the site useless.

3. Features to minimise the risk of falls from heights during operation of access lids – Non-compliant access covers can use inadequate netting or non-engineered handrails without deflection testing which are very dangerous. Some handrails do not even have a fall-arrest system at all. Our access lids have solved these problems with a much safer integrated rated grating system.

4. Fine-tuned engineering and correct installation for a perfect fit – When designing and installing access covers, at OdourPro, we ensure that the access lid fulfils its function efficiently, while remaining ergonomic to lift. Non-compliant access covers are sometimes incorrectly fitted, often without the cover frames being properly cast into the converter slab. They can also be too heavy to be comfortably lifted.

5. Reduce manual handling issues - All components are with AS prescribed weight limits for a single man lift.

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Our access lid product features at a glance

  • Compliance to relevant AS
  • Adaptable to any size opening
  • Manufactured from 316 Stainless and marine grade aluminium and fully imported from the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Access lid channel design keeps seal free of debris

Before and After

See the difference in our refurbishment of this pump station.

before after access cover

Are any of these issues affecting the safety of your site?

Call OdourPro today on 1800 510 704 to find a safer solution for your maintenance workers while also maintaining maximum odour control efficiency.