The best strategies to manage your trade waste with chemical dosing

OdourPro on 19 June 2018

Did you know that discharging trade waste into a municipal sewerage system without a trade waste agreement is against the law?

Companies must first establish a trade waste agreement with their local water authority before commencing operations. Once the agreement is in place, regulators monitor performance against the agreement conditions. Lack of compliance leads to heavy penalties and may even result in a site shut down until the problem can be fixed.

Many companies that seek to obtain trade waste agreements require the use of chemical dosing systems as a treatment method. These systems help keep trade waste water in an acceptable range of quality to limit downstream environmental or process problems at the sewerage plant.

In order to devise a trade waste treatment system and obtain a trade waste agreement, the quality of trade waste must be determined.

Factors affecting chemical dosing of trade waste

  • Does the business generate liquid waste that is caustic or acidic by nature? Trade waste has pH limitations, and treatment may be required to stay within these limits.
  • Will the trade waste have a constant flow, or will there be peaks and troughs during the day?
  • Does the flow vary according to seasonal business demands?
  • Are there surges of flow related to production processes, or is there a defined maximum expected flow rate?
  • Consideration should also be given to the location of chemical dosing points. Is the location ventilated to prevent chemical vapours from affecting employees? Is the location easy to access?
  • Does the business generate wastewater that has high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), high chemical oxygen demand (COD), or is it septic?

Chemical dosing systems need refilling and inspections to be performed, and it is important for employees and contractors to be able to access the system without the risk of injury.

Chemical dosing and trade waste agreements

It is highly advised that you obtain expert assistance when applying for a trade waste agreement. The technical experts at OdourPro have many years of experience dealing with trade waste treatment and engaging with local authorities. Our assistance can make the process easier for your business and expedite the approval of your trade waste agreement.

Every trade waste agreement requires the applicant to disclose key information relevant to their liquid waste. Answers to the questions posed above will help to define the quality of waste and the required treatment solutions. Contaminants that may be present in the waste should be identified in the application. As part of the application, a layout drawing should be included illustrating trade waste treatment systems prior to discharge.

Regulators will assess the trade waste agreement application to evaluate whether their system is compliant.

What's the best chemical dosing system for me?

OdourPro supplies four main types of chemical dosing systems, all of which are geared toward reducing odours. Each dosing system acts in a different way to limit the amount of H2S released from the trade waste, which is the primary source of odours.

System typeHow it works

Ferrous dosing systems

Use Ferrous Chloride as the dosing agent to control septicity.

Magnesium Hydroxide

These dosing systems raise the pH of the waste water.

Calcium Nitrate

Provide a different source of oxygen for bacteria in the waste water, thereby mitigating septicity.

Micronutrient dosing

Assists in mitigating low BOD and COD.

ferrous oxide unit magnesium oxide unit calcium nitrate unit images

OdourPro also supplies maintenance and technical services to help you monitor the performance of your chemical dosing system. It is important to identify problems before they result in a trade waste excursion and, possibly, a fine. Chemical usage also adds to the operating cost of a business, so it is vital to optimise your chemical usage to avoid wastage.

Contact OdourPro for more information about chemical dosing systems for trade waste

OdourPro has more than 25 years of experience in assisting companies with the treatment of their trade waste and remaining compliant. We supply micronutrient additives, magnesium hydroxide, ferrous, and calcium nitrate chemical dosing systems for liquid phase treatment. We also supply online monitoring and maintenance services to keep your system running at optimal conditions.

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