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Solid Waste Management

OdourPro can reduce odours at your solid waste management site

Key odour challenges for the solid waste management industry

  • Intrinsically odorous nature of solid waste management
  • Urban growth encroaching closer to treatment sites
  • Growing community intolerance of odorous emissions
  • Increased pressure to meet environmental compliance requirements
  • Prevention of Work Health and Safety issues
  • Constant rotation of solid waste stockpile with arrival of new waste
  • Waste is exposed to weather conditions impacting odour emissions
  • Odour treatments must not affect natural organic breakdown process

Industry overview

Solid waste management sites produce high levels of odour due to the biological breakdown of organic material. The most appropriate method of odour control depends on the size of the odour source. For large and diffuse odours, atmospheric misting or vapour generation could be best, alongside a topical 'blanket' treatment.

If, however, the odour can be contained, biofiltration would be a better option, whether that be a skid mounted vessel unit, or an open bed filtration unit. Sites must also abide by EPA odour limits at facility boundaries.


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OdourPro's industry solutions

OdourPro offers proven and effective solutions for the solid waste management industry based on a dual strategy approach. We have immediate interventions for quick odour control, as well as longer-term odour reduction technologies.

We also provide services to keep your odour control system in peak condition for a longer product life expectancy, which translates to saved maintenance time and money.

We can help you become compliant with Environmental Protection Authority requirements.

Industry solutions

Our complete approach to odour management

Step 1

Solution Concept

Our experts will assess your site and develop an odour-reducing solution.

Step 2

Design & Engineering

We draw up your system ready to be custom-built.

Step 3


We'll assemble your custom system at your designated site.

Step 4


Our experts thoroughly test all systems to ensure they are ready for operation.

Step 5


We continually monitor and log system operations to ensure odour emissions remain at required levels.

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