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Municipal Wastewater

Odour reduction for municipal wastewater sites

Key odour challenges for the municipal wastewater industry

  • Odour complaints from residents
  • Long retention times in pipe networks
  • Corrosion caused by gas emissions
  • Potential WHS issues for workers
  • Odour control system breakdowns
  • Inefficient odour control system functioning
  • Need for holistic network-wide approach

Industry overview

The multitude of odour challenges experienced by the municipal wastewater industry usually require a combination of air phase and liquid phase odour control measures. We aim to reduce odours, as well as the infrastructure corrosion and WHS issues they cause.

OdourPro is unique among odour control providers in that we offer the full spectrum of available technologies; for air, water, and surfaces. For the wastewater industry, we can custom design, construct and install carbon filter units, biofilters, hybrid filters and also chemical dosing systems appropriate to your site.

Learn about odour pollution control and compliance

Odour pollution control is an essential compliance requirement for a wide range of industries. Find out why odour pollution control is important and how you can manage it.


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OdourPro's industry solutions

OdourPro offers proven and effective solutions for the municipal wastewater industry based on a dual strategy approach. We have immediate, 'plug and play' interventions for quick odour control, as well as longer-term odour reduction technologies.

We also provide services to keep your odour control system in peak condition for a longer product life expectancy, which translates to saved maintenance time and money.

We can help you become compliant with WHS and Environmental Regulations, providing a safer workplace for your employees and the environment.

Industry solutions

Featured case study

Hunter Water

The governmental corporation, Hunter Water, is the major supplier of drinking (potable) water and wastewater management services in the Lower Hunter regions of New South Wales. They provide water services for industrial, commercial and residential quarters.

Our complete approach to odour management

Step 1

Solution Concept

Our experts will assess your site and develop an odour-reducing solution.

Step 2

Design & Engineering

We draw up your system ready to be custom-built.

Step 3


We'll assemble your custom system at your designated site.

Step 4


Our experts thoroughly test all systems to ensure they are ready for operation.

Step 5


We continually monitor and log system operations to ensure odour emissions remain at required levels.

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