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Micronutrient Additives

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Benefits of OdourPro BioStreme™ micronutrient additives

  • Aids in odourless breakdown of biological matter
  • Quick-acting deodorizers
  • Reduces BOD5 and COD levels
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly

How it works

BioStreme™ micronutrient additives are purposefully designed to cultivate high levels of facultative bacteria through the provision of vital nutrients. BioStreme™ 111F prevents emissions from odorous surfaces by acting as a molecular barrier.

Benefits to clients 

OdourPro BioStreme™ micronutrient additives provide an efficient solution to odour problems associated with stored water, waste and equipment. Our additives are purposely designed to work on a biological level to affect odours at their origin.

OdourPro's micronutrient additives aid natural breakdown of organic matter without odorous emissions. They are cost-effective, easy to apply and completely safe and non-toxic. Selected micronutrient additives in this range also provide instantaneous odour relief.

Product details

Complimentary services for micronutrient additives

Chemical Supply and Delivery

We provide chemical supply and delivery services for odour control systems so you always have a sufficient quantity of reactants, and are 100% environmental and WHS Regulation compliant.

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Monitoring and Telemetry

We can monitor your dosing unit's performance, fine-tune your system set up and maintain optimal dosing levels. Telemetry allows easy access to collected data.

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Maintenance and Refurbishment

We can provide ongoing support to our clients in the form of regular preventative maintenance visits. We can also refurbish and test existing systems.

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