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Ferrous Dosing Units

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Benefits of OdourPro Ferrogard® ferrous dosing units

  • Decreased risk of WHS issues and costs
  • Reduced maintenance needs to save time and money
  • Easy installation means quick set up and results
  • High-quality products with long life expectancy
  • Simple operation and "plug and play" functionality
  • Expert and proven odour management advice

How it works

A bio-chemical reaction occurring in sewers produces Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S), the gas responsible for "bad egg" odours. Dosing with ferrous chloride reduces odour by initialising a different chemical reaction. The ferrous chloride binds with sulphides in the wastewater to form a stable, insoluble precipitate.

Benefits to clients 

Unlike capture and treat strategies, our Ferrogard® ferrous dosing units prevent the formation of odours, thereby properly treating the cause of the problem for a sustainable long-term solution.

Our ferrous dosing systems don't just control odours by up to 95%, they also play a crucial part in wastewater system maintenance, by preventing H₂S corrosion of infrastructure, while also keeping your workers safe from gases and complying with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations.

Product Models

  • 500L Unit
  • 1,200L Unit
  • 3,000L Unit
  • 7,000L Unit
  • 12,000L Unit
  • Containerised Systems
  • Customised Systems

Applicable Industries

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Complimentary services for Ferrogard® ferrous dosing units

Chemical Supply and Delivery

We can provide chemical supply and delivery services for ferrous dosing units so you never run out of chemicals, and are 100% environmental and WHS regulation compliant.

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Monitoring and Telemetry

We can monitor your ferrous dosing unit's performance and fine tune your setup to maintain optimal dosing levels. Telemetry allows easy access to this information.

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Maintenance and Refurbishment

We can provide ongoing support to our clients in the form of regular preventative maintenance visits. We can also refurbish and test existing systems.

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