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Case Study: Gosford City Council

Sewage odour control for sewer pump stations

About Gosford City Council

Gosford City Council, located on the NSW central coast, designs and maintains the area's amenities and infrastructure.

The problem

The Erina Siphon Sewer Pump Station not only required sewage odour control to comply with legislation but also needed to achieve these goals without ruining residents' river views.

The Gosford City Council sought help from OdourPro to develop a customised sewage odour control product that would appease all stakeholders in the project. After initial negotiations with residents had proven difficult, OdourPro went back to the drawing board and came up with a new solution.

A custom designed and inconspicuous FiltaOdor™ Hybrid Extension 3000Lps unit met the high-performance requirements necessary at the site while not infringing on the aesthetic appeal of the surrounds.


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What OdourPro did

OdourPro supplied and installed a two-stage hybrid filter odour control unit, consisting of a biofilter with the capacity of processing 3000 litres per second to reduce odours by 95-98%.

As the Erina Siphon Sewer Pump Station is close to residential areas, odour removal needed to be as comprehensive and reliable as possible. We achieved this aim through using a second filtering stage with an activated carbon polishing unit.

Benefits to the organisation

  • Fully customised and thorough solution
  • Collaborative and flexible approach
  • All stakeholder needs met without compromise
  • Fully comprehensive answer to complex odour problem

Why choose OdourPro?

We don't just supply sewage odour control units – we have odour reduction strategies applicable to a range of industries.

At OdourPro, we believe in offering a full, long-term service commitment to our clients. That could be through maintenance support, evaluation of existing infrastructure, installation of telemetry services or other complimentary options.

We want you to get the best possible results from our products and services.

Why choose OdourPro?

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