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Case Study: Coffs Harbour City Council

Sewage odour control for sewer pump stations

About Coffs Harbour City Council

Coffs Harbour City Council, located on the NSW Mid North Coast, is responsible for construction and maintenance of the city's infrastructure.

The problem

'SPS1A' is an active pump station in Coffs Harbour. It is located close to residents on each side. This station was causing issues, with residents and staff complaining about noise, safety and odour problems.

A non-compliant, non-airtight access cover had been installed. This cover was allowing odorous displaced air to leak out from the non-gas tight seals, which was resulting in escaped odours.

The cover was also heavy and cumbersome with an ineffective fall arrest, and this drew safety concerns from staff.


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What OdourPro did

This project raised several design and installation challenges. The first of these being the size of the clear opening above the wet well.

Due to the importance of this cover being gas tight, an emphasis was placed on minimising the lid openings. After careful design work, a 3m x 2.2m cover was manufactured. This cover was made using only 2 openings.

The cover was built with spring assisted struts which limited the weight of each lid to 19kg, allowing a one hand single operator lift in line with WHS requirements.

Benefits to the Water Authority

  • Heavily reduced odours by stopping foul gases from escaping the wet well
  • Increased maintenance staff’s productivity by simplifying the process of accessing the wet well
  • Eliminated safety risks including those associated with falls
  • High quality cover met or exceeded relevant compliance standards

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At OdourPro, we have more than 25 years experience in the implementation of odour treatment and management solutions.

We design and install customised odour management systems which treat the source of the odour problems.

We help you meet environmental and health safety regulations while protecting communities from odour emissions.

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