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Case Study: Clarence Valley Council

Odour solutions for caravan parks and resorts

About Clarence Valley Council

Clarence Valley Council represents a popular tourist region in NSW, with beautiful natural scenery, historic towns and coastal hot-spots.

The problem

Brooms Head Caravan Park had a small sewer treatment system on their property which became quite odorous during peak periods, making the park conditions unpleasant for holiday makers.

The Clarence Valley Council sought a simple and easy solution from OdourPro.


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What OdourPro did

We installed our passive carbon filter FiltaVent™ FV120 to reduce odours caused by gas emissions from the caravan park sewerage system. It was important to find a fast-acting solution with high efficiency and fuss-free carbon cartridge exchange and installation.

The client also required their odour problem to be dramatically reduced within the month of their enquiry to cater for the rapidly approaching Christmas holiday season.

OdourPro's immediate delivery of this item met this requirement while its simple application allowed the client to install it themselves.

Benefits to the organisation

  • Promotes the Clarence Valley Council district as a clean, desirable tourist destination
  • Odour issue addressed quickly, effectively, and in time for the busy Christmas holiday period
  • Minimal installation and maintenance costs with fast delivery of product
  • Proven success rate of 99.5% odour reduction
  • Long-lasting product that is vermin, insect and vandal resistant

Why choose OdourPro?

We don't just supply odour solutions for caravan parks; we have odour management strategies for a range of industries. We make a comprehensive assessment of your site to treat odour problems at their cause.

A big part of our approach is ongoing support for our clients, whether that be through regular maintenance checks, refurbishment or the installation of telemetry services to ensure optimal performance.

Why choose OdourPro?

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