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Case Study: AB Mauri

Odour neutralising systems for the food processing industry

About AB Mauri

AB Mauri serves the baking industry, with a large yeast production site in a heavily populated industrial area of Western Sydney.

The problem

AB Mauri's facility in Western Sydney generates large amounts of wastewater during the process of yeast production, necessitating an on-site treatment plant. The wastewater treatment system in place created unpleasant odours causing complaints from nearby businesses and residents.

AB Mauri needed a simple solution that could be activated as soon as possible to stop odour problems immediately.


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What OdourPro did

OdourPro commissioned and installed an odour neutralising agent spraying system that implemented the substance AirStreme 9316 to provide instant relief from odorous gases.

As part of the system, a 1,000L storage reservoir, pump and PLC were installed, along with a dosing line and 44 misting nozzles to evenly distribute the agent and successfully contain odours.

Odour complaints have now completely stopped, while authorities are also appeased with the company's pro-active approach to managing site odours and being responsive to community concerns.

Project benefits to the business

  • Expert management of odour emissions
  • Elimination of business and resident complaints
  • Environmental regulation compliance
  • Increased community approval

“We have worked collaboratively with OdourPro toward a very effective solution. Their knowledge and expertise is priceless.”

Isaac Panagiotidis, Plant Manager, AB Mauri

Why choose OdourPro?

At OdourPro, we supply odour control systems customised according to the needs of your specific site.

We uniquely offer multiple treatment options, including chemical dosing, carbon filtering, biofiltering, and odour neutralising, to solve odour problems whether they are generated in the air, in water systems or on solid surfaces.

Why choose OdourPro?

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