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Carbon Filters

Learn how carbon filters work and where to use them

Carbon filters are effective for a wide variety of application. Find out how they work and where they can be used.

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Why choose OdourPro?

At OdourPro, we have an expert team who can offer advice on which carbon filter would best suit your odour issue. With over 25 years of experience, we have the specialist knowledge you need to get the right odour management strategy for your facility.

We believe in long-term odour control, with all our carbon filters and other products built from sturdy, corrosion resistant materials for longer product life expectancy, saving you maintenance time and money.

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Passive Vent Carbon Filters – FiltaVent™

Uses and applications

  • Up to 99.5% odour removal
  • Use with external vent duct or stack
  • Permits air inflow into sewer system
  • Multi-cartridge options for greater customisation
  • Simple installation for quick start time
  • Replaceable cartridges for reduced maintenance cost
  • Variation in unit capacities for greater efficiency (40–160Lps)

Applicable industries

Odour reduction
Up to 99.5%
H₂S removal
Up to 99.5%
Lessens corrosion

Fan Assisted Filters – FiltaCarb™ 75 Series

Uses and applications

  • Treats many contaminants simultaneously
  • Enables a lower gas retention time in sewer
  • Up to 99% odour reduction
  • Can be customised according to airflow and contaminant levels
  • Ready to install modular units for quicker start up
  • Proven, reliable technology with high efficiency
  • Trusted by hundreds of Australian councils

Applicable industries

Odour reduction
Up to 99%
Less H₂S gas
Up to 99%
Prevents corrosion

Modular Hybrid Filter Systems

Uses and applications

  • Reduce workplace health hazards
  • Up to 99.5% less odour production
  • Corrosion resistant construction materials for longer lifespan
  • "Plug and play" set up for easy and quick implementation
  • Time and money saved with less maintenance required
  • Ongoing support from OdourPro experts

Applicable industries

Odour reduction
Up to 99.5%
Less H₂S emissions
Up to 99.5%
Lowers corrosion

Featured case study

Clarence Valley Council

The Clarence Valley Council's district is known as a popular tourist destination. Brooms Head Caravan Park had a small sewer treatment system on their property which became quite odorous during peak periods, making the park conditions unpleasant for holiday makers.