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Modular Hybrid Filter Systems – FiltaPlus™

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Benefits of OdourPro's modular hybrid filter systems

  • Greater site worker safety for increased productivity
  • Save time and money on maintenance for larger profits
  • Easy installation process for quicker results
  • Lengthy product lifespans for long-term savings
  • Simple "plug and play" hassle-free product for easy start-up
  • Expert advice from experienced consultants for your peace of mind

How it works

OdourPro's modular hybrid filter systems take a two-fold approach to odour control. First, a biofilter oxidises the gases using microorganisms in an organic media bed. A carbon filter then removes any residual odours, leading to a total reduction of 99% of H₂S gas.

Benefits to clients 

Reduce the risk of toxic gas exposure for site workers. Benefit from greater staff loyalty, productivity and lowered absenteeism. Enjoy a higher profit margin by saving time and money on maintenance.

Our "plug and play" products are hassle-free and simple to install so that you can see quantifiable results more quickly.

Product Models

  • FP75D
  • FP75E
  • FP165D
  • FP165E
  • FP300D
  • FP300E
  • FP450D
  • FP670D
  • Customised Systems

Applicable Industries

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Complimentary services for OdourPro's FiltaPlus™ systems

Chemical Supply and Delivery

We can provide chemical supply and delivery services for dosing units so you always have a sufficient quantity of chemicals, and are 100% environmental and WHS regulation compliant.

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Monitoring and Telemetry

We can monitor your dosing unit's performance and fine tune the system to maintain optimal dosing levels. We can access this performance information readily by using telemetry.

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Maintenance and Refurbishment

We can provide ongoing support to our clients in the form of regular preventative maintenance visits. We can also refurbish and test existing systems.

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