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Complete odour treatment and management

Over 25 years of experience, reducing odours by up to 99.9%.

What OdourPro does

At OdourPro, we not only design and install odour treatment and management systems. We also go the extra mile and offer customised solutions that treat the source of the odour problem. With ongoing monitoring, maintenance, telemetry and chemical supply services we ensure you get the most out of your odour treatment system.

Why choose OdourPro

We help you meet environmental and health safety regulations while protecting communities from odour emissions. We have multiple odour management strategies specifically designed for different industries. We are experts in our field, with over 25 years of experience in odour control.

  • Fully accredited to all Australian industry standards
  • Expert advice and ongoing maintenance and support
  • Sustainable, in-depth odour treatment and management
  • Customised monitoring & telemetry systems

OdourPro Products and Services

Chemical Dosing

chemical dosing

Chemical Dosing

Chemical dosing causes new biological processes to occur in wastewater systems, preventing unwanted reactions that emit toxic gases such as H₂S.

Applicable industries

Amount of odour removed
Up to 95%
Amount of H2S reduced
Up to 95%
Lessons corrosion

Carbon Filtration Systems


Biofiltration Systems


Odour Management


Access Lids


Well Washers


Our complete approach to odour management

Step 1

Solution Concept

Our experts will assess your site and develop an odour-reducing solution.

Step 2

Design & Engineering

We draw up your system ready to be custom-built.

Step 3


We'll assemble your custom system at your designated site.

Step 4


Our experts thoroughly test all systems to ensure they are ready for operation.

Step 5


We continually monitor and log system operations to ensure odour emissions remain at required levels.

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Our services

Chemical Supply and Delivery

OdourPro supplies and delivers chemicals, including ferrous chloride, ferric chloride, calcium nitrate and magnesium hydroxide solution.

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Monitoring and Telemetry

OdourPro's monitoring and telemetry services allow for easy testing and logging of system performance, with access to data from multiple sites.

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OdourPro's team of product experts can find you the best odour treatment and management strategy for your site, with quick installation.

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OdourPro can provide technical advice, repairs, compliance improvements and monitoring systems to refurbish your current odour control equipment.

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OdourPro has over 25 years of experience in odour treatment and management. Benefit from our expertise and save time and money.

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Featured case study

Clarence Valley Council

The Clarence Valley Council's district is known as a popular tourist destination. Brooms Head Caravan Park had a small sewer treatment system on their property which became quite odorous during peak periods, making the park conditions unpleasant for holiday makers.

Latest articles

  • Triple accreditatio

    OdourPro has achieved triple accreditation to international environmental, quality, and health and safety regulations and continues to aim for constant improvement in odour control strategies.
  • Biofiltration for emission and odour control

    Biofilters are now a highly effective way of reducing odours at wastewater and industrial processing sites. Find out about the new features of OdourPro's biofilters in this article.

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