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OdourPro on 24 February 2017

What are the risks involved in purchasing a cheap chemical dosing system?

Here's what you should know before you buy a cheap chemical dosing system. Remember, 'cheap' doesn't always mean good value ...

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OdourPro on 13 January 2017

Introducing ITAlifters. The superior manhole lid-lifters, now in Australia.

ITAlifters are the simpler, safer, and easier to use manhole lid-lifters. For the first time they're available to buy in Australia ...

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Odourpro on 23 December 2016

3 examples of odour issues and how we solved them

At OdourPro, we solve Australia's odour issues. Here are three examples of odour solutions which we have recently implemented ...

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Odourpro on 21 December 2016

8 common applications for odour management systems

This is where you are likely to find odour management systems in Australia. Includes information on industry accreditation and Australian standards ...

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OdourPro on 24 November 2016

How do chemical dosing systems work?

Learn about how chemical dosing systems work to reduce odours from pump stations, sewer manholes, and rising mains, as well as other sources ...

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OdourPro on 21 November 2016

How to know if your access covers meet Australian Standards

Do your access covers meet Australian Standards? Discover the common signs of non-compliant access covers here ...

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OdourPro on 1 September 2016

Chemical Dosing Systems: What is Ferrous Dosing and How Does it Work?

OdourPro's ferrous dosing units are perfect for reducing odours at municipal wastewater facilities. Ferrous dosing changes the chemical reactions in wastewater to treat odours at their cause ...

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OdourPro on 12 September 2016

Common Issues with Non-compliant Access Covers

OdourPro's access covers are the safest on the Australian market, with a range of innovative features to minimise danger and risk during maintenance of odour control systems ...

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OdourPro on 20 July 2016

Biofiltration for emission and odour control

Biofilters are now a highly effective way of reducing odours at wastewater and industrial processing sites. Find out about the new features of OdourPro's biofilters in this article ...

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OdourPro on 20 July 2016

Triple accreditation

OdourPro has achieved triple accreditation to international environmental, quality, and health and safety regulations and continues to aim for constant improvement in odour control strategies ...

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